THURSDAY 30th April @ 7.15-8pm




Run, Walk or Jog the 2.5km that Captain Tom Moore completed in his 100th birthday challenge; adding 3 exercise reps to represent his 3 medals; 1939–1945 Star, Burma Star and War Medal 1939–1945.


  • 25 metres of Walking /Jogging / Chair-based Movement

  • 3 reps of an exercise

  • For 10 rounds

About the 100 Challenge

Thomas Moore (born 30 April 1920), informally known as Captain Tom, is a former British Army officer. For his war service, Moore was awarded three medals:

  • 1939–1945 Star.

  • Burma Star.

  • War Medal 1939–1945.

The World War II veteran had hoped to raise £1,000 on JustGiving when he started walking 100 laps of his garden - however thanks to the generosity of the public he has raised in excess of £29m to date! 

In partnership with Give as you Live Donate the Stable Family Home Trust is getting involved and keeping active by inviting you to take part in the 100 challenge, to honour Captain Tom's birthday and raise money and awareness in these difficult times.

By taking part, raising funds or by donating you're helping SFHT support people with learning disabilities lead more independent lives.


Give as you Live Donate were so inspired by Captain Tom’s mammoth fundraising last week, that they've created a simple fundraising challenge for supporters to do at home and raise vital funds – the 100 challenge, to celebrate Tom’s 100th birthday on Thursday 30th April.

The aim is to do partake in a challenge involving the number 100!  In our case, 100x 25m laps between exercises!  3 reps to represent each of Captain Tom's medals.

100 Challenge Introduction

How will it work:

We will complete 25 metres of walking, jogging or chair movement; then complete 3 exercises.

We will start at 7.15pm via a Live Stream on Facebook Live that will be broadcast to The Gym Tin page; and then via a watch party to the Stable Family Home Trust page and The Gym Tin Online.

You will need:

Something to mark out your course

An exercise mat (optional)


To do:

Mark out your 25metre distance (which is the distance of Captain Toms daily walks)

Depending on the space you have available, you could measure out:

  • 25 metres

  • 12.5m – and walk/run to that point and back again

  • 5m – and walk/run there and back 5 times

  • 2.5m – and walk/run there and back 10 times

  • OR – you can march/run on the spot for 20 seconds

  • OR – you can sit and march your legs for 20 seconds

  • OR – you can sit and punch your arms out for 20 seconds


Place a mat at each end for your exercises



We will do 1  25m lap; followed by 3 repetitions of an exercise

Chair-based exercises

(use a can of beans as weights optional)

  1. Chest Press

  2. Shoulder Press

  3. Lateral Raise

  4. Front Raise

  5. Side Bends

  6. Upright rows

  7. Seated flyes

  8. Rainbows

  9. Bicep Curls

  10. Tricep Extensions

Chair-Based Exercises

Mat-based exercises

  1. Press ups

  2. Sit ups

  3. V-Sits

  4. Leg cycles

  5. Lunges

  6. Squats

  7. Calf Raises

  8. Jacks

  9. Spotty Dogs

  10. Big Star Jumps

Floor-based Exercises

All proceeds to benefit: The Stable Family Home Trust - The Stables, Bisterne Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3BN -  

Donation link:

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