SATURDAY 25th July @ 3.15-5.15pm




In celebration of SFHT’s 40th Anniversary, we would love you 
to join us in taking part in the ‘40 Challenge’ throughout July. 
Throughout the month you can do your own individual 40 Challenge – maybe you could cycle 40km? 
Or perhaps you might run, jog or walk 4km a day? Strain yourself to do 40 sit-ups a day? 40 squats? 
40 tennis ball tap-ups? make 40 cupcakes or anything to do with the number 40!

The Stable Family Home Trust:

The Stable Family Home Trust (SFHT) was established in 1980 as a therapeutic horticultural environment for adults with learning disabilities. At that time they worked on the land by day and were able to have social opportunities in the evening with their peers. Over the following years, we have gradually introduced many additional facilities and services, allowing us to evolve as a service-driven, forward-thinking charity, and we are proud to be celebrating our 40-year anniversary this year!

On Saturday 25th July, we had scheduled to hold our annual Summer Fayre, our flagship event. The Summer Fayre is always well attended and generates up to £8,000 in profit for the charity. This year, as the event can no longer go ahead due to the pandemic, we are hoping that your 40 Challenge sponsorship funds raised will go some way to ensuring the losses of the Summer Fayre are mitigated.


Also, in order to make the most of the date and to give everyone something else to partake in, we invite you to gather together for a virtual sponsored exercise challenge, hosted by our friends Rob and Jenny from ‘The Gym Tin’ on Saturday 25th July at (time). The fun event will include chair-based exercises and mat-based exercises and will be streamed live on Facebook and Zoom for everyone to join in. Please feel free to dress up in 80’s style clothing on the day if you wish or if you’re shy to be seen huffing and puffing then the Facebook participation involves only Rob and Jenny being seen whilst you bound around your front room!


All sponsorship proceeds from these challenges will go towards our SFHT Emergency Appeal and our annual running costs.


Here’s to a great 40 Challenge!

By taking part, raising funds, or by donating you're helping SFHT support people with learning disabilities lead more independent lives.

Event Information

How will it work:

We would do 4 rounds of 10 exercises. 

We will start at 3.15pm via a Live Stream on Facebook Live that will be broadcast to The Gym Tin page; and then via a watch party to the Stable Family Home Trust page and The Gym Tin Online.


We would do 4 rounds of 10 exercises. 

Chair-based exercises

(use a can of beans as weights optional)

  1. Chest Press

  2. Shoulder Press

  3. Lateral Raise

  4. Front Raise

  5. Side Bends

  6. Upright rows

  7. Seated flyes

  8. Rainbows

  9. Bicep Curls

  10. Tricep Extensions

Mat-based exercises

  1. Press ups

  2. Sit ups

  3. V-Sits

  4. Leg cycles

  5. Lunges

  6. Squats

  7. Calf Raises

  8. Jacks

  9. Spotty Dogs

  10. Big Star Jumps

All proceeds to benefit: The Stable Family Home Trust - The Stables, Bisterne Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3BN -  

Donation link:

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