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My Personal Training sessions are fully tailored to you.


After all, everyone is unique.


Everyone has a specific need and desire.


Every body is different.

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I believe it’s important that exercise is appropriate and particular to each individual. I strive to make my sessions positive and energising with a strong focus on correct technique to tone and strengthen your body.

It shouldn’t be focused about weight loss or weight gain. Size loss or gain. I will complete measurements and give analysis and feedback as your journey progresses but do not focus primarily on numbers. My view is that flexibility, sleep, quality of food, improved energy, reduced fatigue, exercising safely under guidance, all build lifelong habits and make you reach your goals faster.


I have a personal training and a massage studio in Bransgore and have delivered sessions online via Zoom, Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Microsoft Teams worldwide. I’m sure that there are plenty more options out there – so let’s find the best way of delivering your session!

Food glorious Food!

The phrase "you can't out train a bad diet" is so appropriate. Let's  get your nutrition correct with a balanced diet, break away from the fads, whole foods, increased water and fuelling your gut biome better! Book in you session below.

Struggling with your running or posture?

Having run many marathons, 5km and 10km runs, and as a sports masseur and Personal Trainer I can guide you towards improvements in your running style and posture through gait analysis and postural assessment. I will film your technique and show you your posture pictures during our assessment. Book in for an hours personal training session. 

Why not train with a friend?

Humans are made to interact with each other - we thrive in a tribe and get better results when working with like-minded people.


Train with a friend and get your results! 

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£60 per hour

£30 per 1/2 hour


£40 per person per hour

£25 per 1/2 hour

fantastic OFFER!

"Consistency drives commitment

Results are achieved from both"

11 sessions for the price of 10


11 x 1 hour sessions    £600

11 x 1/2 hour sessions    £300


11 x 1 hour sessions per person   £400

11 x 1/2 hour sessions per person   £250


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I will definitely recommend the Gym Tin. I've been having Rob as a PT trainer. He will push you to get the best out of you on your work out, you will definitely feel better and more inspired.

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For some years my blood pressure has been on the high side. Usually around 140/90, I've seen it as high as 160/100.


Today it's 126/85 and for me, this is a massive endorsement of all the changes I'm making...the exercise, water,'s all paying off and I wanted to share this and thank you because you're helping me so much on this journey. xx


Rob is is a really top trainer.

Working on my running gait and only after a couple of sessions I can really feel the improvement.


Thanks Rob



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